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Apple TV+ original 'Tehran' teased in new first look

A short video published in the Apple TV app on Wednesday offers a sneak peek at upcoming Apple TV+ series "Tehran," which is due to land on the streaming service on Sept. 25.

In a two-minute short, show lead Niv Sultan, co-creator and director Daniel Syrkin and executive producer Moshe Zonder give a brief overview of the series. Sprinkled throughout are enticing clips and snippets that walk viewers through the show's arc.

Sultan plays Tamar Rabinian, a Mossad agent tasked with planting a virus in Tehran's anti-aircraft defense system. Going into the field undercover, Rabinian's mission is quickly compromised. "Tehran" follows the secret agent as she runs for her life while attempting to complete the job.

"She keeps trying to fulfill her mission in many kinds of ways," Sultan said of her character. "She's a badass girl."

Rabinian forges allegiances with underground operators and dissidents in Iran, but it is unclear who can be trusted.

"You start asking yourself, Who's the good guy and who's the bad guy?'" Zonder said. "And you want to know the end of the story."

Apple secured rights to the espionage thriller in June.

The first three episodes of "Tehran" will debut on Apple TV+ this Friday, with subsequent installments set for release every week.