20 iPhone 12 Pro Max case ideas to protect your new device

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available, and these iPhone case options are designed to protect your new device from day one.

We've found 20 great cases from multiple manufactures across many designs and styles. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has bold new colors and flat sides, and these cases can help show off your new device without losing that new aesthetic.

Cases $15 and under

Jiunai Strong ArmorIf you want rugged protection on the cheap, this sub-$10 case fits the bill. It has a dual-layer design, offering "military-grade" protection. It has button covers and a Lightning cover to protect the phone's port from dust.$8.99
ESR Air ArmorESR Air ArmorThis affordable and scratch-resistant ESR case has shock-absorbing corners, a hard back, and a flexible frame. The case has raised edges around the screen and camera and works with wireless chargers.$11.99
Spigen Thin FitSpigen Thin FitSpigen's take on the ultra-thin case uses a scratch-resistant polycarbonate martial with open buttons and raised edges. It supports Spigen's magnetic car mounts but not necessarily MagSafe accessories. However, there is a tradeoff for that compatibility: The magnet-friendly metal plate inside may disrupt wireless charging.$13.99
Spigen Neo HybridSpigen Neo HybridThis Spigen case provides a nice balance between protection, grip, and a slim profile. The two-piece case combines a polycarbonate bumper with a TPU backing while adding only 0.12 inch of depth to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.$13.99

Cases $16 to $30

ESR Metal KickstandESR Metal KickstandThis case has a built-in kickstand that props up your iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations, securely snapping closed when you don't need it. ESR says its lab testing shows the kickstand hinge retaining over 80% of its strength after 3,000+ uses.$15.99
Spigen Slim Armor CSSpigen Slim Armor CSThe Spigen Slim Armor CS holds two cards in its back slot while only adding 0.15 inch to the iPhone's depth. It combines a "shock-absorbing" TPU interior with a polycarbonate exterior.$15.99
7 HSCC666 Privacy Case7 HSCC666 Privacy CaseIf you plan on using your phone in tight quarters, this two-part case includes a metal bumper frame and tempered-glass shields for the front and back. The front glass is tinted to only be easily visible from straight-on. It will look darker from a 60-degree angle and entirely dark from 45 degrees.$16.99
Casekoo Slim FitCasekoo Slim FitThis ultra-thin case only adds 0.03 inch of depth to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has raised bezels for the screen and camera, and a matte texture that the company says will provide a solid grip.$19.99
Smartish Wallet SlayerSmartish Wallet SlayerThis case has grip-textured sides and a slot for three cards and cash. The company says credit cards won't demagnetize in the case, though the extra space for cards means it's incompatible with wireless chargers.$19.99
Speck GemShell GripSpeck GemShell GripSpeck's unique grip design around the edges is this case's marquee feature. The company promises 8-ft drop protection for the dual-layer case.$29.95
Shieldon Genuine LeatherShieldon Genuine LeatherAnother wallet case, this folio-based model has three card slots plus a side pocket for cash. The case has a TPU inner body and a cover that snaps shut magnetically.$29.99

Cases $30 to $50

Totallee ThinTotallee ThinThe thinnest of the ultra-thin cases on our list, Totallee's model adds a mere 0.02 inch to the iPhone's depth. It has a raised lip for the camera but not around the screen, so you'll need to be more careful about dropping it face-down.$35
Alpatronix Battery CaseAlpatronix Battery CaseThis battery case has a built-in 6,000mAh battery, adding 163% of the iPhone's internal capacity. Unlike some models, it charges with a Lightning cable and supports wireless charging.$49.95
OtterBox CommuterOtterBox CommuterOtterBox cases provide rugged protection, consistent designs across various phones and generations, and a seven-year warranty. This two-piece case has a Lightning port cover and antimicrobial protection.$39.95
Speck Presidio2 GripSpeck Presidio2 GripSpeck's grippy case offers up to 13 feet of drop protection. It has a "protective shock barrier," a series of air pockets that can help avoid drop damage.$44.95
Nomad RuggedNomad RuggedNomad's Rugged Case offers leather styling and top-notch drop protection. The company uses Horween leather, which ages with use to achieve a unique look over time.$49.75
OtterBox SymmetryOtterBox SymmetryAs OtterBox's less bulky option, the one-piece Symmetry case still offers durable protection and an exterior that protects against common types of bacteria.$49.95

Cases $60 and up

Urban Armor Gear MonarchUrban Armor Gear MonarchThis rugged case has five layers of protection, including leather, metal, and polycarbonate. It has a honeycomb-style grip and tactile buttons that deliver crisp clicks.$59.95
OtterBox DefenderOtterBox Defender The Defender for iPhone 12 mini is a four-layer case with port covers, raised layers, and a belt clip. Despite the added bulk, it still works with wireless chargers. $59.95
OtterBox Strada OtterBox Strada The OtterBox Strada is a one-piece folio case that maintains a sleek profile. It has a vertical slot on the back with room for cash or a card. $69.95

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