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Sonos reveals battery replacement kit for portable Sonos Move speaker & additional streaming services

Sonos Move portable speaker

At the 2021 CES, Sonos debuted a battery replacement kit for Sonos Move users to keep the music coming for hours on end.

When we reviewed the Sonos Move, we found it to be one of the most capable speakers around. it balanced incredible sound with AirPlay 2 connectivity, battery-powered Wi-Fi access, water and dust resistance, and Bluetooth control for on-the-go usage.

Batteries are a naturally consumable resource and won't last forever. Under typical use, Sonos says the Move should maintain acceptable battery life for about three years — roughly 900 charges — at which point a new battery may be needed to keep it running at peak performance for longer. To that end, Sonos is releasing its new battery replacement kit for users.

Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit
Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit

The kit includes everything you need from a guitar pick-like spudger to pry up the silicone on the bottom as well as a tool to remove the screws and replacement screws for the reassembly.

The Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit is available in black and white for $69 and available through Sonos. The Sonos Move speaker is also available for $399.

New Spanish content

Sonos is also announcing a new partnership with Convoy Network to offer more than 6,000 hours of Spanish content. Beginning today, Convoy Network has made its entire lineup of content available to Sonos users free for a limited time.

Interested users are able to add the Convoy network service in the updated Sonos app.