Apple adds warning over third-party cameras in iOS 14.4

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The latest beta release of iOS 14 reveals that Apple is about to add cameras to its series of on-screen warnings when non-Apple parts are used in iPhone repairs.

As it already does when you get your iPhone screen replaced by a third party, or they install a non-Apple battery, Apple is now going to warn users about cameras. The new iOS 14.4 beta shows that if a repair shop does not use a camera from Apple, users will see an on-screen warning message.

The beta contains an error message that says, "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple." Until the beta is tried out on an iPhone with a non-Apple lens, it's not certain where this message will appear.

However, it will be clear and most likely will be temporarily on the lock screen. It will probably also be included in the Settings, General, About screen, as the current message about non-genuine Apple displays is.

If this warning, first spotted by MacRumors, works the same way as the ones for the screen or battery, users will still be able to use the camera.


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