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Apple highlights students shooting movies with iPhone in new video

Apple highlights students shooting movies with iPhone 12 Pro

The latest "Shot on iPhone" campaign highlights techniques used by student filmmakers in a new video.

The behind the scenes video shows off four films being made using the unique aspects of iPhone, like its small size and vertical aspect ratio. From stop motion using homemade props to full Hollywood-level productions, the video highlights how students can achieve beautiful shots with just an iPhone.

Apple says each film being produced in the video will be shown on its YouTube channel soon.

  • Watch Guillermo Mora's "RoboLuna" on January 19
  • Watch Ciara Zoe's "Our Light Shines in the Dark" on January 26
  • Watch AhaNah Chapman's "Window to the Soul" on January 27

The fourth film "Take" by Niko Baur did not have a release listed.

Apple has been touting the iPhone's camera capabilities for years. Recently, it has amped up its focus on video capabilities. Filmmakers are able to use the iPhone in various situations where a traditional camera may be difficult to operate, or simply just cannot fit.

Apple announced the iPhone 12 Pro with Dolby Vision HDR and 10-bit color in October 2020. It can record in 4K 60Hz and has built in image stabilization.