Hands on: iHome's TriFold Reflect mirror is perfect for small spaces

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iHome's TriFold Reflect aims to make itself the perfect vanity-top companion by combining a Bluetooth speaker, a mirror, and full-spectrum vanity lighting into one useful device.

We found the trifold mirror design extremely useful, allowing us to tilt the side-mirrors to the perfect position when we used it. This makes it easier to see the sides of your head if necessary without requiring you to use one of your hands to hold a second mirror.

Additionally, these sides fold inward, allowing you to close the mirror when not in use, making it easier to store in a closet, on the corner of a desk, or a nightstand.

The small detail mirror makes applying eyeliner easy

Also included along with the TriFold Reflect is a smaller 10x magnification mirror that can be placed on nearly any non-porous surface, making it easier to apply eyeliner or false lashes. The detail mirror features a Simplestick backing, allowing it to remove cleanly and placed again.

Built-in Bluetooth

The TriFold Reflect mirror features a built-in speaker in its base, which you can connect to via Bluetooth. We were honestly surprised by how good the speaker sounds, considering its small size and somewhat gimmicky application. It made for an enjoyable listening experience while we used the mirror.

Additionally, the on-device controls allow you to leave your phone out of reach but still easily control your media or call up Siri with the multi-functional button.

Control lighting, volume, and Siri with the on-device buttons
Control lighting, volume, and Siri with the on-device buttons

While you can use the Reflect TriFold to take Bluetooth calls, we noticed that it isn't ideal for this case. Those on the other end of our call complained that our voice sounded tinny and occasionally blown out, and we weren't impressed by the overall experience.

Because this is a powered device, iHome also thoughtfully included a USB-A port in the back that offers 5W of charging power to help top up your phone or favorite wearables while you use it.

Built in lighting

While the Bluetooth speakers and the ability to call on Siri at the push of a button are nice features, the built-in full-spectrum light makes this significantly more useful. If you have a bathroom or bedroom with low lighting, it makes this little mirror all the more impressive.

It comes with three different lighting modes, including bright, warm, and cool, and three different lighting levels.


Sure, you can use this mirror to apply makeup or do your hair — it's a mirror. However, it'd be a great addition to a small vlogging or filming setup as well. The built-in lights provide a similar effect to a ring light, and the mirror allows you to make sure you're always looking your best.

Even if you're just going to use it to look your best for family zoom calls, we think this could be worth adding to your setup.

A great gift for the kids

The iHome Reflect TriFold mirror is a solid gift for teens and tweens who may not have their own bathroom or prefer to do their makeup in their rooms.

The mirror closes when not in use, saving space and making it easy to store
The mirror closes when not in use, saving space and making it easy to store

It's also handy for college students who won't have a lot of space in a dorm or apartment. It can easily be stored atop a dresser when not in use and works double duty as a speaker for playing their favorite music.

Where to buy

If you're looking to get your own iHome Reflect TriFold vanity mirror, you can purchase one for $99 on Amazon, with free shipping and returns for Amazon Prime members.


  • Folding mirrors make finding your perfect angles easy
  • Multi-level, multi-hue built-in light
  • Speaker has great sound quality
  • Works with Siri


  • Built-in microphone does not provide excellent call quality
  • Difficult to find correct volume levels for taking audio calls