Ikea rolling out HomeKit support for Shortcut Button and Motion Sensors

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Popular Swedish furniture and home goods store Ikea will be adding HomeKit support for two more products via its Tradfri Gateway.

The upcoming Tradfri Gateway firmware update — version 1.13.21 — was pointed out in a post by iCulture. The update isn't available to everyone yet, but should be released in the next few days as the support notes are dated February 18.

The Tradfri Motion Sensor allows users to control up to 10 Ikea-branded smart bulbs, allowing lights to be turned on when motion is detected.

The Shortcut Button, currently only available in Europe and Canada at present, allows users to activate HomeKit scenes to perform tasks such as playing music, changing the lighting, or controlling the blinds.

In 2019, Ikea gave users the ability to control certain products, such as the Fyrtur Smart Blinds and Tradfri Lamps and lighting solutions, via HomeKit.


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