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Apple Card offering 3% Daily Cash for all Apple Pay transactions in March

Some owners of the Apple Card will benefit from higher levels of Daily Cash in March, with Apple raising the percentage to 3% for any Apple Card with Apple Pay transactions.

Apple Card's Daily Cash benefit offers cashback for purchases when using the Apple Card, with the amount varying depending on how it is used. For the first time since the card's release, for some holders, Apple is increasing the amount it pays out on transactions using the Apple Card with Apple Pay.

Usually, customers receive a minimum 1% back for using the card, rising to 2% for Apple Pay transactions, and 3% for Apple Card with Apple Pay purchases through Apple's outlets and select partners. In an email to select Apple Card customers, Apple is changing the Apple Pay Daily Cash reward to 3% for all qualifying transactions, regardless of retailer.

The terms and conditions for the offer advise it is limited only to "select cardholders who received" the email offer. For Apple Card holders who qualify, the offer is valid until March 31.

There is a maximum limit of $10,000 in qualifying spending per eligible account. After the user has performed $10,000 in Apple Card with Apple Pay transactions, further purchases will revert to the usual payout.