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Massachusetts flag designers making custom flags for Apple's 'Dickinson'

Image Credit: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times

Brewer Banner Designs creates custom 34-star flags for the Apple TV+ show "Dickinson," to be used during a Civil War-related scene.

New Bedford's Brewer Banner Designs has been in business for over three decades, started by Penny Brewer in 1984. While the company primarily designs custom flags for clients, including business flags, signal flags, yacht club burgees, and pennants, it also produces American Flags.

Now, the shop will be able to claim that it produces flags for use in television series, as well.

According to SouthCoast Today, the small Massachusetts textile designer has been tapped by Apple to create 34-star United States Flag for the Apple TV+ series, "Dickinson." The flags will be used during a civil war scene and be draped over caskets.

Image Credit: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times
Image Credit: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times

Penny Brewer, along with Dianne Veiga, has made 12 flags, which have been custom-designed and weathered to give them an era-appropriate feel.

"Dickinson" is a comedy series that debuted on Apple TV+ in November 2019. It follows Emily Dickinson's life, set her actual time in the late 19th century as she asserts her goals of becoming a prominent poet. The series returned for its second season in January 2021.