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Determined owner retrieves working iPhone from frozen lake after month underwater

The iPhone 11 Pro has a water resistance rating of IP68

After an unexpected dunk and submersion for 30 days, a woman retrieved her iPhone from a frozen lake — and it worked fine when powered on.

Angie Carriere was celebrating her fiftieth birthday with a bit of ice fishing in Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan. A gust of wind blew the tent up, forcing her to react to the event, and drop the iPhone into the lake.

At first, she gave up on ever seeing the phone again. Then, she was determined to save the phone so she could get her photos of the trip back.

With the help of some friends, she used a fish finder to locate the submerged iPhone and a magnet to pull it back up. To her surprise, the iPhone booted, and was fully functional.

The iPhone seen through a fish finder being pulled up with a strong magnet
The iPhone seen through a fish finder being pulled up with a strong magnet

While not mentioned in the news report, it appears to be an iPhone 11 Pro. This model is rated for IP68 which protects the device at up to four meters for 30 minutes. Apple doesn't recommend users submerge their iPhone for any reason.

There are numerous cases of an iPhone surviving a prolonged dunk underwater, but Apple doesn't officially support those situations for liability reasons.

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