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Disney Parks releases MagicMobile for Apple Wallet

Use your iPhone as a Disney parks pass via MagicMobile

Disney's MagicMobile service is a digital replacement for the MagicBand — now available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

The MagicMobile service adds a digital pass to Apple Wallet that can be used for various services and attractions at Disney parks. The pass can be scanned or used via NFC on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Disney says that the MagicMobile service is an alternative to the physical MagicBand. Users will also be able to take advantage of new digital features like linking PhotoPass to the app or unlocking hotel rooms via the app.

The card that is added to Apple Wallet can also be used with Express Mode. That means that the pass holder can swipe iPhone over a terminal without waking it up from sleep — but admission for associated passes for other people require a device unlock. Express Mode also has a feature that keeps the selected card available for hours after the device battery dies.

It still isn't clear if the Express Mode functionality will allow for NFC reading at a distance, like what is done to associate Magic Bands with ride pictures.

Users of the My Disney Experience app can add the MagicMobile service to their devices and manage passes. Users can have multiple passes on one device for easy family management. Each card can be customized with characters that animate upon use.

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