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Find My Certification app from Apple shows third-party support on the way

Apple has released an app for third-party device producers, with the Find My Certification app allowing MFi licensees to test their hardware for use on the Find My network.

Apple is in the process of setting up its Find My network accessory program, an add-on to the existing Find My app that allows third-party devices to use the recovery app. The iPhone producer has now provided a valuable tool to those device producers to help with getting their products to work properly on the Find My network.

The listing for the Find My Certification app in the App Store states it is to "test discovery, connection, and other key requirements" for accessories that "incorporate Find My network technology." The app, for iPhone and iPad, is for use by "MFi Licensees only," namely device and accessory producers rather than consumers.

Screenshots of the app reveal it can be used to test connectivity, sound, the firmware, key management, power, and NFC. Tests are also available for debugging and to show accessory information.

Apple initially announced the Find My network support for third-part apps at WWDC 2020, and has previously come under fire for stringent rules vendors must agree to for access. This included not using competing services, as well as limited access to an iPhone's Bluetooth connection.

The appearance of the new tool will most likely accelerate the development of accessories that will use the feature, and could be a sign that a rollout to the public is on the way.