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UK shopper orders apples, gets a free iPhone

The UK's Tesco supermarket substituted an iPhone SE for an order of apples. (Source: customer Nick James)

Selected stores in the UK's Tesco supermarket chain are a giving random shoppers "surprise" substitutions, such as an iPhone SE in place of apples.

Usually, it's a case of a customer buying an iPhone and being palmed off with apple-flavored yoghurt. Now, though, some supermarket shoppers in the UK are find their grocery orders coming with a free iPhone SE.

As with all UK supermarkets during the country's extended coronavirus lockdowns, the Tesco chain has seen an increase in "click and collect" food shopping. Commonly, ordered items that are not available are replaced with optional substitutions.

In conjunction with its sister company, the carrier Tesco Mobile, this UK chain has been randomly substituting high-value devices for certain orders. According to the Daily Mirror, includes Twickenham shopper Nick James getting an iPhone.

Reportedly, staff at the supermarket told James that there would be a "surprise" in his order.

"I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something," he told the Daily Mirror. "I was a little shocked to say the least."

"Tesco Mobile is raiding the nation's shopping bags to make unbelievable substitutes in lucky Click+Collect orders," said the supermarket chain in a statement to the Daily Mirror.

"Tesco Mobile's 'Super Subs' has been created to show how amazing things can happen when the worlds of supermarket and mobile come together," it continued, "all while putting a smile on shoppers' faces."

Reportedly, the promotion — limited to 80 items at 6 stores, and expiring on April 18 — also gives away Samsung and Nokia devices. Customers who order Tesco laundry tablets could get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, for instance.

If they order gnocchi, they might get a Nokia 3.4. Or buying a Galaxy Milk Chocolate bar could mean getting a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G instead.

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