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Apple inadvertently confirms May 21 availability for iPad Pro, M1 iMac, Apple TV 4K

Metadata in Apple's press release appears to confirm shipping from May 21

An Apple press release promoting the preordering of iPad Pro, iMac, and Apple TV 4K, does not give a shipping date — but the document's metadata originally did..

Apple has issued a press release describing the April 30 preorders for its new devices and the text of it sticks to the previous comment of availability in the "second half of May." However, the HTML metadata describing the document originally included more. Apple has since updated it to remove the specific date, but reportedly it did initially say "May 21."

The text within the document said that the devices will be arriving "in stores and on doorsteps around the world May 21."

This is the date that has been widely predicted, including by leaker Jon Prosser.

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