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New 'Lossless' Apple Music logo discovered online

New "Lossless" logo found on Apple Music website

A new "Lossless" logo has been spotted within the web version of Apple Music, as rumors of Apple's upgrading to offer higher-quality music mount.

Following both Apple's teaser announcement about the future of Apple Music, a new "Lossless" graphic has been discovered.

Designer Stijn de Vries on Twitter says that he discovered the image in Apple Music on the web. Currently, the logo can't be seen in the developer view of page resources, meaning that Apple may have removed it.

Previously, many other references to lossless audio were found on the site, too. The logo discovery by de Vries was first spotted by MacRumors.

Apple is expected to announce a high-fidelity option for Apple Music, which may be called "Apple Music Hi-Fi." Previous rumors have claimed that it would be launched on May 18, at the same time as newAirPods.

According to sources in the record label industry, the new lossless quality audio service will cost an extra $9.99 on top of existing Apple Music subscription fees.

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