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New Siri Remote touch behavior inconsistent, cause unknown

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The new Siri Remote for the Apple TV 4K is causing problems for some users, with the new circular gesture periodically not scrubbing through media as advertised.

The update to the Apple TV introduced a new design of Siri Remote that uses a circular trackpad, as well as a new gesture that turns the trackpad into a large scroll wheel. By using a circular motion around the edge of the trackpad, users can scrub forward and back through content.

However, posts to Twitter and Reddit show users trying out the gesture but getting unexpected results. Even using the tap and hold method, waiting for the proper user interface affirmation of the gesture, one complete circuit of the trackpad scrubs through a video timeline in one direction, then returns it back to where it was previously.

In testing, AppleInsider encountered the same issue with the Siri Remote. The problem isn't limited to one specific app, with it affecting all video apps in the same way.

AppleInsider also found the remote to be inconsistent when trying to invoke the jogging behavior in the first place.

If this is a system-wide bug, it is likely Apple will have some form of fix for the issue as part of a future tvOS update.

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