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Australia delivers Apple Wallet support for COVID-19 vaccine certificates

Australians who received a COVID-19 vaccination can now carry around digital proof of inoculation in Apple Wallet thanks to new integration with the country's Express Plus Medicare app.

The Australian government this week rolled out a "COVID-19 digital certificate" that supports digital wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay, reports Tap Down Under. Having a copy of the certificate handy at all times will be beneficial if and when businesses and other entities begin to require vaccination status information.

According to a newly updated government webpage detailing the feature, Australians can access their digital certificate through the Express Plus Medicare app or online via

Those using the Express Plus Medicare app for iOS are already logged in to the country's Medicare services and can simply select "Immunisation history" from the Services menu and tap on their name. A COVID-19 digital certificate will be displayed with options to add the document to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Accessing the digital certificate online requires that a user sign in with a myGov account, enter the Medicare section and select "View statement" on the "Immunisation history" tile. A PDF version of the certificate can be generated for storage in Wallet.

Like other passes, tickets and coupons stored in Wallet, Australia's COVID-19 digital certificate can be uploaded to iCloud and synced across all devices linked to a user's Apple ID.

Australia's digital certificate arrives days after the UK introduced its own "vaccination passport" with Wallet support. That document, called the NHS COVID Pass, is available to vaccinated individuals and can be downloaded from the NHS app for iOS.