GameSir introduces X2 Lightning iPhone game controller

The X2 Lightning iPhone controller

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The X2 Lightning is a split game controller for iPhone with pass-through charging and turbo button.

GameSir introduced the X2 Lightning controller as a follow up to its popular USB-C and Bluetooth gaming controllers. It offers the standard ABXY face buttons and responsive trigger buttons that use micro switches for maximum response.

The controller slides open to accommodate any iPhone up to 6.81 inches, so it has space for future larger devices. The Lightning plug rotates when inserting or removing the device to allow for easier attachment/detachment.

The turbo button is a unique feature for the X2 Lightning. It has three turbo speeds that can be toggled by the user on-the-fly.

In classic consoles like the Sega Genesis, turbo would be used to cause repeated button presses when some buttons were held down. Modern games aren't designed with turbo functions in mind, so the reasoning behind the feature is unknown.

The X2 Lightning joins the ranks of several vice-like controllers like the Backbone One. This style of controller seems to aim for sliding attachments and pass-through charging as primary features.

The GameSir's X2 Lightning controller is only currently available form the company directly for $69.99. GameSir promises Amazon availability in the next few months.