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'Being James Bond' documentary coming to Apple TV on Sept. 7

'Being James Bond' coming to Apple TV.

Look back on five films and 15 years of Daniel Craig as 007 in "Being James Bond," premiering Sept. 7 in the Apple TV app.

The documentary focuses on Daniel Craig and his years as the titular James Bond. The first look trailer shows a few behind the scenes moments with Craig saying the role turned his world upside down.

"Being James Bond" arrives before the theatrical release of "No Time To Die." It will feature never-before-seen footage from each of Craig's Bond films, including the latest installment.

The documentary is produced by MGM studios and has a runtime of 46 minutes. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli converse with Craig about his personal memories surrounding the role.

Amazon is in the process of acquiring MGM, and once complete its streaming service will have access to the entire "James Bond" catalog. This rental deal with Apple TV is only for a limited time, so it won't be affected by the potential merger.

Craig has some affinity for Apple, as he had previously contested the use of Android product placement in "Spectre" because "James Bond only uses the best." He felt James Bond would use an iPhone, not the placed Sony device.

Watch "Being James Bond" in the Apple TV app starting Sept. 7 as a free-to-stream rental selection.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that "Being James Bond" was due to arrive on Apple TV+. The film is slated to debut as a free streaming option in the Apple TV app.