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Apple Store app trying to get you the iPad you want with 'similar options' prompt

The online Apple Store has added a new prompt to suggest alternatives when an item is delayed

If an Apple item is backordered, or on preorder, the online Apple Store now prompts buyers with a list of "similar options" that can be delivered sooner.

With preorders beginning this week on items from the iPad mini 6 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has added a feature to the online Apple Store in the US. Currently only showing on the iPad mini, and seemingly solely in the US, when delivery is delayed for any reason, a new option appears.

Listed on the order page under details for delivery or pickup, the Apple Store now shows a phrase such as "Need an iPad sooner?" and a link to "Explore similar options."

That link takes users to a page that lists the details of the current order, followed by these similar options "that are available sooner."

Choosing "similar options" leads to a page with suggested alternatives

Initially listing five alternatives, each entry details the specifications, and both delivery, and pickup, dates. Plus a heading explains what the difference is, such as "Different capacity, connectivity."

Each entry defaults to the user's usual Store for pickup options, but adds the ability to check availability at other stores. These alternative items also have a Select button, and choosing it resets the user's buying choice to that.