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Adobe plans big updates for masking features in Lightroom and Camera Raw

Adobe's Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw will get some significant improvements to the way users make selective adjustments thanks to AI-powered selection tools.

Photographers will soon be able to harness the power of Adobe Sensei, Adobe's AI and machine-learning toolset, when it comes to making selective adjustments to their photographs.

A new, improved masking engine will make its way to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw. In addition, features such as Select Subject and Select Sky will be available, allowing photographers to make quick work of areas that previously required photographers to paint in masks by hand.

These new features previously made their way to Photoshop in June of 2020.

Adobe has also worked hard on improving the overall masking experience, giving users more control and flexibility while improving the workflow and organization of selection tools. For example, users will be able to name each mask, allowing them to understand what they're editing at a glance.

The Select Sky feature makes its way to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic | Image Credit: Adobe

It has also spent time creating a consistent experience across both desktop and mobile versions of the apps. For example, AI-powered tools will work on both desktop and mobile versions, and range masks have been brought from Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic to Lightroom and Lightroom mobile.

Mask Groups allow users to utilize multiple masking tools, such as gradient, brush, and color range tools, alongside AI-powered tools like Select Subject and Select Sky. This works for both creating and deselecting masks, too.

Lastly, Adobe has added the ability to make range masks, such as color range and luminance range, available globally. They will be available on both Lightroom desktop and mobile.

Adobe will release these features to all users on October 26, during the 2021 Adobe MAX event.