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Apple drops new Safari bookmark end-to-end encryption

Safari no longer protects bookmarks with end-to-end encryption, if it ever did

Less than two weeks after apparently introducing end-to-end encryption for bookmarks in Safari, Apple has dropped the additional protection.

In early October 2021, Apple's support documentation was updated to show that Safari bookmarks had been updated to have the same end-to-end encryption as, for example, Apple Card transactions, and even Memoji. Now, however, the same documentation has removed this, and bookmarks are again listed as encrypted only "in transit & on server."

Neither change was actually announced by Apple. So it is possible that the documentation was updated in error, and that error has now been corrected.

End-to-end encryption would have improved security as iCloud synced bookmarks between a user's device. Apple's own documentation describes end-to-end encryption as providing "the highest level of data security."

Apple, and all big technology companies, have consistently been under pressure to drop end-to-end encryption entirely, and allow governments and law enforcement access to all data.