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Apple TV+ coming to Comcast customers, Stream app coming to Apple TV

Apple TV+

Comcast's CEO has announced that the Apple TV+ app will launch on its Xfinity X1, Flex, and XClass TV platforms, and in conjunction, Comcast's Stream app will be on Apple TV hardware.

Despite previously appearing to not be interested in the Apple TV app, Comcast will now adopt Apple's app and users of its TV streaming platforms will get access to it.

According to Variety, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts made the announcement during the company's Q3 earnings call. Few details were released, but subsequently a Comcast spokesperson said that the Apple TV app would join the service "in the coming months."

The move brings Apple TV to Comcast's Xfinity X1 subscribers, and will also appear on the company's new XClass TV range of smart television sets. At the same time, it will join existing channels and apps viewable on the Apple TV 4K.

Specific integrations are not yet clear. While the Apple TV app will provide access to Apple TV+ and other subscriptions made through the app, like CBS, HBO, and more, details about if pay TV services from other competing cable networks will be allowed.

The terms of the deal are unknown.