New AirPods teardown shows simpler construction than AirPods Pro

AirPods 3 teardown by 52audio

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A teardown of the new AirPods 3 reveals that despite having similar functionality to the AirPods Pro, the construction is "relatively simpler."

Chinese site 52audio, which most recently leaked AirPods 3 images ahead of launch, has now disassembled the new earbuds. The company tore down both the AirPods 3 themselves and their charging case, while naming and detailing every component.

"The design of AirPods 3 is closer to Apple's AirPods Pro, which adopts the... in-ear design," says 52audio. "But actually the internal structure is very different from AirPods Pro."

"The internal structure of AirPods 3 is relatively simpler, and a lot of glue is used to fix it," continues the company. There are three MEMS microphones for single AirPods."

The 52audio team also note that "the Apple H1 chip is much smaller than the previous generation," and "its shape has been redesigned."