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How to enable and use Reachability on an iPhone running iOS 15

If you're having trouble navigating the larger display of your iPhone, Apple's Reachability feature can make it significantly easier to use your device one-handed.

Reachability is the name for the iPhone feature that brings the content halfway down your device's screen, which makes for more comfortable one-handed navigation.

In older iPhones that featured a home button, Reachability could be activated by double-tapping on the Home Button.

For devices that feature Face ID instead, you must enable the option through the accessibility settings. Once enabled, it can be activated via a touch gesture.

How to enable Reachability on an iPhone without a Home Button

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Tap Touch
  4. Toggle on Reachability

Once toggled on, you'll only need to swipe down at the bottom edge of the screen to bring the top edge into reach.

To reinstate the full screen, just swipe up from the bottom edge, which will "push" the screen back into fullscreen mode.