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WhatsApp immediately crashing upon opening for many iPhone users

WhatsApp users across the globe are reporting that the app now crashes upon opening, preventing users from responding to messages or accessing contact lists.

The problem has been reported to occur on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and even the WhatsApp beta available through TestFlight

Many users have reported the issue on Twitter, and Downdetector now shows a significant increase in users self-reporting problems with the app.

Initially, users suspected that the problem was related to Tuesday's iOS 15.2 update, but many users have reported the issue occurring on older versions of the operating system as well.

AppleInsider could not reproduce the crash upon opening and can currently access the current version of WhatsApp on iOS 15.2, suggesting that the issue may be related to Facebook's servers, rather than the app itself.

Image Credit: Downdetector

WhatsApp has not acknowledged the issue at this time.