Kensington's MagPro Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen protects the 14-inch, 16-inch MacBook Pro

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Kensington has introduced new versions of the MagPro Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen made for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Privacy screens are designed to limit the ability for other people to spy on your work, by restricting the field of view that you can see the screen from. Introduced for CES 2022, Kensington's MagPro Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen is made with dimensions intended for the premium 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

The new screens attach to the display with magnets, meaning they can be easily removed and reattached at will. It also means there are no damaging adhesives to be wary of, which could cause harm to the MacBook Pro's display.

While it is an extra layer to the MacBook Pro, it's thin enough to allow the notebook to fully close and to enter sleep mode without its removal. It also features a reversible design, with one side having a glossy finish while the other is matte, as well as a notch at the top that matches up to Apple's version.

As for privacy, it can narrow the field of view to 30 degrees, limiting the screen to being viewed just from the front. The low-reflective coating also has blue light reduction capabilities, with a 22% reduction potentially easing eye strain and helping users avoid problems with their natural sleep patterns.

Kensington has yet to release pricing or availability details about either privacy screen. However, as a guide, an existing screen for a 16-inch MacBook Pro is currently listed in Kensington's online store at $64.99.

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