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One Georgia school system will hand MacBook Air or iPad to every student

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The Dougherty County School System is working with Apple and EdFarm to provide students with a MacBook Air or iPad, alongside a curriculum to encourage coding and app development.

Starting from next year, all DCSS students, teachers, and staff will benefit from using Apple products, services, and instructional support. DCSS says the initiative will help expand and enhance the district's educational technology ecosystem, all with Apple hardware.

The plan will include providing all high school students in Dougherty County, Georgia, with a MacBook Air, while middle and elementary school students will receive an iPad and a Logitech Crayon. The hardware handout will provide students with "equal access to their studies in the classroom, at home, and on the go," the DCSS claims.

As well as Apple products, there will be an opportunity for students to learn coding and app development through DoCo Codes, another collaboration between DCSS, Ed Farm, and Apple. Coding and app development will be promoted, including the use of Apple's Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curricula.

DCSS hopes that the new tools and programs will help students learn how o create "leading-edge software and apps while staying here in Albany."

Apple will also provide on-site professional learning for DCSS educators and staff, while Ed Farm will help the professional development of educators using its Teacher Fellows program. "This collaboration embeds a full-time Apple Professional Learning Specialist in our community to build capacity among our teachers, instructional coaches and others," said Superintendent Kenneth Dyer.

"At Apple, we believe deeply that technology can empower students to develop creative and collaborative skills that will supercharge their future," said Susan Prescott, Apple's Vice President of Education and Enterprise Marketing. "Providing all students, educators, and staff in Dougherty County Schools access to Apple products, as well as coding and creative curricula, will help inspire new talents and powerful innovation within the community."