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Apple Watch saves man's life after hard fall from an electric bike

The Apple Watch is credited with saving another life after alerting authorities when a man fell from his electric bike and sustained a head injury.

At 1:30 am on January 22, the Hermosa Beach Police received an automatic emergency call stating that an Apple Watch owner had taken a hard fall. It then relayed his location information, directing emergency services to the scene.

When officers arrived, they found a man lying in the street next to his electric bike, bleeding profusely from the head, according to Fox LA.

The man was treated on-scene by the officers then transported to a local hospital for additional medical treatment. He was ultimately released several days later.

According to the report, social media reports were claiming that the fall was an attack or a crime of some sort. The local police say that it was a solo accident.

On Monday, it was reported that emergency services saved an unconscious man in Morrow, Georgia, after his Apple Watch detected a fall and alerted local authorities.

The Apple Watch isn't the only one of Apple's products being credited with saving lives, either. A New Jersey floral designer was able to use her AirPods to call 911 after sustaining a head injury in her studio.