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Creative TiKTok user converts an iBook G3 into iPad case

An iBook G3 acting as an iPad case

By using a combination of 3D printing and power tools, one TikTok user was able to convert an iBook G3 shell into a working iPad case with embedded Apple Watch charger.

The TikTok user @skipperfilms shows a quick walk through of how he gutted an iBook G3 and replaced its innards with modern Apple tech. He cut out all of the existing parts, leaving only the shell, then used 3D printing to create the necessary pieces to mount the iPad and accessories.

First, he replaces the monitor with the iPad, places USB-C ports into the old port slots, and adds a portable battery bank for powering the iPad and Apple Watch charger. The battery pack can be recharged via the outward-facing USB-C port.

The portable battery, keyboard, Apple Watch charger, and Apple Pencil holder each use custom designed plates printed from a 3D printer. All of the cabling is hidden behind the casing.

Once completed, the iPad sits in the old monitor well above a working keyboard with trackpad. He also included an insert for the Apple Pencil below the iPad and an Apple Watch charger above the keyboard.

@skipperfilms Once a year I find the patience and drive to do something like this. Love this #ibookg3 to #ipad conversion! #fyp #foryoupage #3dprinting Rasputin - Majestic & Boney M.

Enterprising enthusiasts have been known to convert old Apple gear into working modern devices before. One other example of this is when someone converted an iMac G4 into an M1 Mac.