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iOS developer turns vintage iMac G4 into an M1 Mac

Credit: Pendleton115

An Apple enthusiast and iOS developer has shared a project that turned a vintage iMac G4 into a modern-day Mac equipped with an M1 chip.

Colby Sheets on Tuesday shared a short clip to Twitter showing off the converted iMac G4. In the clip, the device is running macOS Big Sur and is equipped with an M1 chipset pulled from a Mac mini.

"In celebration of Steve Job's life and his inspiration to many, I wanted to show a passion project I've been working on that I think Steve would be proud of," Sheets wrote.

Although details on the specific process that Sheets used to convert the Mac into a modern machine are scarce, the iOS developer said the project has been a "dream computer of mine since I was young and I'm very proud to bring it back to life 2 decades later."

In later replies, Sheets said the project was pieced together from different materials and combined with an M1 Mac.

The developer also shouted out vintage Mac collector Pendleton115. Sheets said Pendleton115's YouTube videos and walkthroughs "helped me a lot throughout this mod especially on troubleshooting some wiring issues."

"I promise to explain more about the mod soon, probably will post a video about the process and the steps soon," Sheets said.

AppleInsider has reached out to Sheets for more information about the project.