Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is a San Diego-based journalist who has been writing about Apple, online privacy, and cybersecurity since 2016. He serves as the assistant managing editor of AppleInsider.

Before transitioning to technology-focused digital media, Mike was a print journalist covering local government, education, and public safety. He also served as an art director and copy editor for several local newspapers. He's worn many hats in journalism, doing everything from reporting on city council meetings to managing a small newsroom staff.

Coming from a predominantly non-technical background, he specializes in explaining complicated topics to a general audience. However, he grew up around computers, built his first Windows machine in his teens, and acquired his first Mac in college. He has since taught himself Python programming, and he maintains an interest in privacy and cryptography.

Prior to his writing career, Mike spent his teenage years as a recording musician and indie rock frontman. Although he has almost fully recovered from that ordeal, he still records occasionally in Logic Pro.

A person of many varied interests, Mike is also a voracious reader, an avid outdoor enthusiast and hiker, and a registered yoga teacher. In his spare time, he enjoys hoppy beers, jazz music, and spending time by the ocean.