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Apple releases fourth macOS Ventura public beta

macOS Ventura

A day after seeding a developer version, Apple has released the fourth beta build of its upcoming macOS Ventura update to members of its public software testing program.

The new public beta version can be downloaded from Apple's Beta Software Program portal, or as an over-the-air update on devices with the proper configuration profile installed.

It's likely that the fourth public beta of macOS Ventura is functionally identical to the sixth developer beta, which was released on Thursday.

Apple released the third public beta build of macOS Ventura and its other operation systems back on Aug. 9. A public beta of macOS Ventura first became available in July, about a month after Apple seeded beta builds to developers.

Public betas tend to be more stable than developer betas, however, AppleInsider doesn't recommend installing any beta on mission-critical devices. Bugs and app issues can get in the way of getting work done, or may even lead to data loss in some cases, so backups are a must.