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Ukrainian Setapp developer says its software will still work during Russian invasion

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In the face of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian developer MacPaw is telling customers that the company's products will be undisrupted, and it has an emergency plan to ensure the safety of team members and ensure continued operation.

In a post on its site, MacPaw says that the company has "been preparing for these circumstances" from an operational standpoint for some time.

The infrastructure for the company and all customer data is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Furthermore, the company says that all of the servers that it pays for are outside Ukraine. The company's payment service Paddle operates from the United Kingdom.

"So in our day-to-day operations, nothing is going to change for you," the company says. "MacPaw products will continue to work flawlessly and receive timely updates. Our support team will keep responding to all your messages."

MacPaw is the developer of CleanMyMac X, ClearVPN, Gemini II, and others. It is also the primary maintainer of the Setapp Mac and iOS app subscription service. The company's Apple museum is physically hosted in Kyiv.

The company asks that users should consider donating to Come Back Alive or other charities helping Ukraine and its Armed Forces.