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Long-time Apple reporter Jim Dalrymple retires after almost 30 years of work

Veteran Apple reporter Jim Dalrymple is retiring after almost 30 years of covering the tech giant, in favor of a more relaxing time in Austin, Texas.

Posted on Monday to Dalrymple's The Loop, the journalist reveals "the most exciting story I have ever written. After almost 30 years of reporting on Apple, I am retiring."

Dalrymple has a storied career ranging from MacCentral in 1994 to MacWorld in 1999, and to The Loop in 2009. "I have always tried to be honest in my reporting, he writes. "I look back at my career with satisfaction and pride, knowing that I did the best I could."

He goes on to namecheck friends including Peter Cohen, John Gruber, Jason Snell, and Shawn King, but highlights Dave Mark as "the one person that made the most significant difference for me." Along with posts to the site and partnering on the Dalrymple Report podcast, Mark is likened to being "a brother" to the journalist.

As for Dalrymple's next steps, he says his fiance, Erika, has accepted a job that necessitates a move from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas. Moving this week, he says he "couldn't be happier" with the change to a house on five acres of land outside of Austin.

Hobbies are planned to be a bigger element of his life in the future, including playing the guitar and progressing on the more recent pastime of cookery.

While Dalrymple won't be posting daily to The Loop anymore, the site will continue to exist. The Dalrymple Report podcast will also continue.