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Apple adds 123 new emoji in iOS 15.4 update

Apple's update to iOS 15.4 introduces 123 new emoji designs to the vast catalog of symbols, including "Melting Face," a "Troll," and the "Pregnant Man" icons.

Part of the Monday update to iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and Apple's other operating system updates, the influx of emoji consists of a total of 123 new designs. Of that group, the list includes all 112 that were approved for inclusion in Emoji 14.0 by the Unicode Consortium in September.

The group includes the largest number of smiley emojis introduced in an Apple update since iOS 11.1, reports Emojipedia. The group includes "Melting Face," "Face with Peeking Eye," and "Face Holding Back Tears."

"Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth," is a familiar symbol, as it is the same as "Face with Hand Over Mouth: from iOS 11.1. For iOS 15.4, "Face with Hand Over Mouth" was updated with closed eyes, to match an expression of amusement as used by Google and other emoji providers.

The list also includes two gender-neutral person emojis, including "Person with Crown" and the controversial "Pregnant Person" and "Pregnant Man." The Body Parts category has a "Biting Lip," and a new fantasy creature subcategory adds "Troll."

Seven new gesture emojis are in the batch, such as "Rightwards Hand" and "Leftwards Hand," "Heart Hands," and "Index Pointing at the Viewer." The "Handshake Emoji" has been updated with a selection of 25 new skin tone options.

The last 18 new emoji cover a variety of categories, and consist of elements such as "Empty Nest" and "Nest with Eggs," "Beans," "Jar," "Playground Buoy," and "Identity Card."

The new emoji are accessible by the software keyboard typically included in messaging apps, and can be used after completing the update to iOS 15.4.