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Apple MacBook sales continue to grow, PC sales down

New research claims that global PC shipments were down 4.3% in Q1 2022, compared to the same period in 2021, but MacBook sales were up by 8%.

This latest finding from Counterpoint Research does not break out any difference between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Similar previous reports about Apple sales being up, however, only covered the Mac.

"[However,] Apple continued its success with the M1 MacBook series to see 8% YoY shipment growth in Q1 2022," says Counterpoint Research in a press release, "which boosted its market share by 100 bps [Basis Points] YoY."

In total, global shipments of all PCs, including Macs, were down 4.3% YoY in Q1 2022, meaning 78.7 million units were shipped. Lenovo remained the top seller with a 23.1% share, selling 18.2 million PCs, down 9.5% YoY.

Source: Counterpoint Research

HP saw a 16% YoY decline to a 20.2% share, or 15.9 million PCs sold. Dell saw a small increase in its sales to 13.8 million devices, compared to 13.6 in Q1 2021.

Counterpoint Research says that HP was hit by a weakening demand for Chromebooks, which also saw Acer's shipments decline by 1%.

However, the research firm also attributes to overall drop in sales to component shortages and demand uncertainties caused by the coronavirus. And it says that its research is showing that the gap between demand and supply is narrowing, "signalling an approaching end to supply tightness."