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Snapchat launches selfie drone Pixy

Snap, the company behind Snapchat social media, has unveiled a drone named Pixy, which is specifically made for taking selfies.

Snapchat, which has recently backed Apple over its App Store pricing, launched Pixy at its Snap Partner Summit 2022. The $250 drone was revealed in a session about Snap's latest tools for creators.

"Level up your Snaps, grow your audience, and get cash for your creativity with the latest features for creators on Snapchat," said the company on its summit website. "Plus, meet Pixy — the latest way to take your creativity to new heights."

Pixy weighs 100 grams (0.22lbs), and is roughly the size of a person's palm. It's not clear yet how a user initiates a flight, nor what control they have over its direction, or duration.

On completion, though, Pixy can return to the user's outstretched hand. Snap says it then begins transferring its footage, though again it's not clear quite how this works. It's likely to be to transfer to the user's phone, but conceivably it could be uploaded straight to Snapchat.

Pre-orders are being taken now, but Snap quotes an estimated 11-12 weeks before shipping.