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iPhone 14 Pro displays will be slightly larger than iPhone 13 Pro, says analyst

The 'iPhone 14 Pro' models are expected to have slightly larger displays

The new "iPhone 14 Pro" and "iPhone 14 Pro Max" displays will be larger by hundredths of a millimeter according to a supply chain analyst.

Leaks have shown that the "iPhone 14 Pro" models will feature a pill and hole cutout with slimmer bezels around the display. These changes will provide slight increases to the overall display area available.

Display supply chain analyst Ross Young has shared the exact measurements for these new models. He attributes the increase in size to the bezels and the cutout, although the cutout shouldn't affect display size, just effective display area.

According to his tweet, the "iPhone 14 Pro" would have a 6.12-inch diagonal versus the iPhone 13 Pro 6.06-inch diagonal. The "iPhone 14 Pro Max" has an even smaller change to 6.69 inches from 6.68 inches.

It is unlikely that this display diagonal increase will be perceptible to users. The "iPhone 14" lineup is expected to be announced during an Apple event in September.