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Pebblebee releases two new Find My enabled trackers with rechargeable batteries

Pebblebee's new Find My trackers

Apple's Find My network is growing even further with Pebblebee's announcement of the rechargeable Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card.

Both of the new devices are natively supported in Apple's Find My app as well as within the company's own Pebbleebee app. They have rechargeable batteries that do not need to be replaced, and have form factors that differ from Apple's AirTag.

Pebblebee Clip is most similar to AirTag, with a small round design. It differs though, with an integrated keyhole — something AirTag requires an additional accessory for.

Pebblebee Clip
Pebblebee Clip

It's all black with a plastic body and all-metal frame to keep it secure with integrated LEDs to help locate it in dark places. It works up to 500 feet away, has a loud buzzer, and is water-resistant.

The internal battery will last about six months on a single charge. It is rechargeable using the included USB-C to USB-A cable.

Pebblebee Card
Pebblebee Card

Alternatively, there is the Pebblebee Card. This credit card-like device is very slim and can easily fit in wallets, coats, and passports, among other places. It too uses a magnetic wireless charger that will provide up to 12 months on a single charge.

The Card uses a proprietary magnetic charger with a USB-A connector on the opposing end.

"After nearly a decade building our company, we're proud to enhance consumer choices while using our solutions for keeping track of the things that matter most," said Daniel Daoura, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Pebblebee. "Pebblebee Clip and Card are designed to put minds at ease the second they are attached to or slipped into something of value to a customer. Features like the rechargeable, long-lasting battery, and a loud buzzer set these tracking devices in a class of their own."

During setup, users have the option of adding to the Pebblebee app or Apple's Find My app. Unfortunately, both apps cannot be used in tandem.

With Find My, users can leverage the Find My community to locate their missing items. When lost, anyone who comes near with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will cause the item's location to be sent to the owner.

This large community helps greatly in tracking down lost items compared to the smaller communities that belong to individual brands. It also supports left behind alerts, a bevy of anti-stalking features, and lost mode messages.

Both the Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card and be picked up directly from Pebblebee's website. Each has an MSRP of $29.99, though the Clip is available in a four-pack for $99.