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'See' trailer released at San Diego Comic Con in Apple TV+ show teases

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Apple has released the full trailer for the third and final season of the Apple TV drama "See" at San Diego Comic-Con, alongside other show introductions for "Invasion" and "Mythic Quest."

Introduced on Saturday, the trailer for the third season of "See" continues the post-apocalyptic Apple Original series, set in a world where humankind has lost its sense of vision.

The third season takes place almost a year after Baba Voss, played by Momoa, defeated brother Edo and left his family to live remotely. However, a Trivantian scientist developers a new type of sighted weaponry, prompting Baba to return and protect his tribe ocne again.

Initially teased by Apple in June, the eight-episode final season will be released weekly on Fridays from August 26, 2022.

On-stage at Comic-Con, showrunner Jonathan Tropper said the villain of the season won't necessarily be a "person" but "the thing the world has been worried about coming back with vision, which is the science of the ancients, meaning us," reports Deadline.

This will apparently involve one of Edo's men discovering "literature" on how to build explosives, and that the show will explore "what happens when, after 500 years, the concept of bombs and explosives gets reintroduced into society."

Other key creatives behind Apple TV+ shows were in attendance at the Comic-Con, and shared news of their respective productions.

"Invasion" co-creator and writer Simon Kinberg equated the upcoming season as "Act 2 of a movie where s**t goes crazy," with a "full-on action of the battle for Earth that I had always wanted for the show."

Season 2 will pick up months after the end of first season, and will explore the impact of the invasion on society and on a personal level.

"Mythic Quest" co-creator Megan Ganz also took to the stage, with season 3 being about how a team splitting apart in season 2 can be brought back "in a way that seems organic. The show will continue to look at "how difficult creative partnerships are," with the fictional game company now under the control of David Hornsby's "David" after creative directors "Ian" (Rob McElhenney) and "Poppy" (Charlotte Nicdao) left for a new venture.