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Apple asks suppliers to make 90 million iPhone 14 units

iPhone 14 Pro renders

Tech analysts are projecting a shrinking global smartphone market, but Apple is expecting the iPhone 14 family to keep pace with 2021's demand levels.

Apple seems confident despite analysts' predictions and is reportedly asking its suppliers to build at least 90 million next-generation iPhones.

In fact, Apple anticipates to assemble 220 million iPhones in total for 2022 according to Bloomberg.

Apple has weathered the pandemic-era slumps well. Mac shipments, for instance, grew in Q1 2022 even though the broader PC market slumped.

In Q2 2022, Apple saw its best market share since 2012, holding 16% of the global market.

Apple's iPhone also took 62% of Q1's global market share for devices costing over $400, suggesting that Apple's target audience is still willing to spend on a high-end device.