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Several iCloud services were down for two hours on Tuesday

Apple iCloud

Some of Apple's iCloud-related services were experiencing an outage that could cause problems for users trying to access them.

According to Apple's system status page, there was an issue with various iCloud services that could cause them to be slow — or completely unavailable.

The following services were affected:

  • iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs
  • iCloud Calendar
  • iCloud Contacts
  • iCloud Drive
  • iCloud Keychain
  • iCloud Mail
  • iCloud Storage Upgrades
  • iCloud Web Apps (
  • Photos

Other iCloud services, such as iCloud Notes, Reminders, Backup, and Private Relay, were unaffected.

The issue began at 11:05 a.m. Pacific Time (2:05 p.m. Eastern Time).

Update: Apple now lists everything as resolved as of 2:40 p.m. Pacific Time (5:40 p.m. Eastern Time.)