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Xcode Cloud subscriptions now available for developers

Credit: Apple

Developers can now sign up for Xcode Cloud subscriptions, Apple's collaborative app building service designed to help developers work together on shared projects.

In an email sent out to developers seen by AppleInsider, Apple says that anyone who configures a workflow in Xcode will get 25 hours of compute time per month at no extra cost until the end of 2023.

If developers need additional hours, they can purchase them via subscription in the Apple Developer app for iPhone and iPad.

Xcode Cloud allows development teams to collaborate more efficiently, especially while working remotely. It automatically builds apps for all Apple devices and platforms, freeing up a developer's Mac to accomplish other tasks.

It also allows developers to test apps on simulated current Apple hardware and makes it easy to deploy builds via TestFlight.

In June 2021, Apple began rolling out Xcode Cloud to developers for beta testing.

During WWDC 2022, Apple provided details about Xcode Cloud to developers, alongside new APIs such as WeatherKit.