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Apple removes headphone jack from new 10th generation iPad

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The new 10.9-inch iPad now requires either wireless headphones, or the use of a USB-C adapter as it becomes the latest device to lose the famous 3.5mm headphone connector.

Completing the process it began with the iPhone 7 in 2015, Apple has now removed the headphone jack from all of its new mobile devices. The sole device Apple sells that still retains the old jack is 2021's 9th generation iPad.

The decision is likely to be less controversial now than it was seven years ago, as Apple has proven to be right about the move to wireless headphones. Or at least it's right in the sense that all rival manufacturers have now copied it.

It's arguable that Apple was self-serving in making the decision, because the company later became so dominant in wireless headphones with its AirPods range.

There are still many cases where a wired connection is better than a wireless one, such as for musicians and people working in education. For those people, Apple sells a pair of headphone $9 adapters, one for USB-C, and one for Lightning.