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Apple TV 4K review roundup: lower cost and future-proofed

Apple TV 4K

The first reviews of the new Apple TV 4K are live, and many applaud the more affordable price of the product.

Apple announced the new TV peripheral on October 18, which will be available for sale on November 4. It has a fast A15 Bionic chip, support for HDR10+ video content, and a new starting price of $129.

The Verge called it the best overall streamer on the market, although its pros and cons of the Apple TV 4K are equal in number.

"The $129 Apple TV 4K is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone still stuck on the ancient HD model. It's a speed demon of a streaming box that ticks off all the crucial boxes if you want to enjoy the richest possible home theater experience."

Positives for the device include the USB-C Siri Remote, lower price, and fast performance. But the reviewer noted that the base model doesn't have Ethernet and has a stale design.

A review from CNET said the Apple TV 4K is still too expensive and asks who the device is for. "Apple makes a good box. It's sleek, fast and more than capable of handling all the basics and even a bit more, so long as you live in Apple's world of Fitness Plus, Arcade and iCloud Photo Sharing."

It concludes by saying that the Apple TV 4K is great for Apple fans but there might be better options for those outside Apple's ecosystem.

Digital Trends was happier with the Apple TV 4K, saying it's overpowered in all the right ways. Fast navigation in tvOS, better audio and video output, and its powerful A15 Bionic chip make it a suitable device even for non-Apple fans.

"But on the whole, the Apple TV 4K is probably the smartest, most advanced, most future-proof streamer available that will suit most people's needs."

The reviewer concludes by saying that the Apple TV 4K doesn't try to be all things to everyone but excels in the areas in which it focuses.


TechCrunch agreed in its review, saying that the Apple TV 4K is great for the future with its processing capabilities, and saying it's a no-brainer for people looking for a TV streaming accessory.

"Given how long the original Apple TV 4K from 2016 has remained relevant, you can bet the 2022 edition will be future-proof for quite a long time to come, in the context of both your entertainment setup and the future of the smart home."

The 2022 Apple TV 4K has two configurations. The 64GB Wi-Fi model retails for $129, and the 128GB Wi-Fi + Ethernet model sells for $149. It's available to preorder in our Apple TV 4K Price Guide and starts shipping on Friday, November 4.