Apple freezes hiring outside of research and development

Apple Park

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Apple has allegedly paused hiring across all departments except for R&D in an attempt to reduce its budget.

Apple is looking for ways to cut spending as it heads into what it anticipates as a slow holiday period.

According to Bloomberg, the move does not apply to teams working on future devices and long-term initiatives but will affect corporate functions and standard hardware and software roles.

In a statement, Apple says that it continues hiring but is "taking a deliberate approach in some parts of the business." Nevertheless, it remains confident in Apple's future.

Despite the freeze, some teams can still hire in special circumstances, according to those familiar with the situation.

The company also continues to advertise new roles on its recruiting website.

Apple earned $90.15 billion in revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022. Annual revenue of $394.3 billion up 8% year-on-year, and with annual earnings per diluted share of $6.11, up 9%.