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Eufy launches Security SmartTrack Link to track items in Find My

Security SmartTrack Link

Accessory maker Eufy has released an item tracker called Security SmartTrack Link that works with Apple's Find My protocol.

The tracker is slightly less expensive than AirTag while providing many of the same location-tracking features. Eufy says that Apple has officially certified the Security SmartTrack Link.

The SmartTrack Link connects to devices using Bluetooth and reports its location through the Find My network, so it doesn't provide GPS functionality. It also works with Eufy's Security app.

The Eufy Security app has features that Apple's Find My app doesn't offer. First, users can share the location of items with friends and family, so they can also help look for them.

Next, double-tapping the SmartTrack Link will ring a person's iPhone even if it's on silent mode. The tracker also has a QR code on the back, so someone can scan it if they find the tracker to see the owner's contact details of choice.

Like the AirTag, the SmartTrack Link can play an alarm and has a replaceable CR2032 battery that can last up to a year. The device is also water resistant, so it's safe even if left in the rain.

Pricing & Availability

The SmartTrack Link is available to order for $19.99 as a single unit, $39.98 for a two-pack, and a bundle for $47.98 that includes a "Protected by Eufy Security" yard sign.

To celebrate the launch, Eufy is offering a limited-time code for 20% off using WS24SM.