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Netflix lets you kick freeloading users off your streaming account

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Netflix has added a feature to its app that lets subscribers boot off unwanted users of their account, ahead of an expected crackdown on password sharing.

It is fairly common for Netflix account credentials to be spread around a family or a group of friends, as a way to collectively save money. But, as relationships change, sometimes users no longer welcome to share the account stay on for longer, just to avoid buying their own subscription.

In an update to its iOS apps and those on other platforms, Netflix has added an account management feature that lets users deal with errant account logins.

The Manage Access and Devices option in the menu lists log-ins to the Netflix account, including when, where, and from what device, as well as the profile used. Each item also has a Sign Out button, so you can log out of the account from that device remotely.

This is useful in cases where the account password is kept secret and isn't being actively spread by others. In cases where it is, there's also a link to change the password for the account entirely.

The addition arrives at a time when Netflix is trying to fix its subscriber growth problem. As part of the effort, it wants to crack down on password sharing, and has started to implement features to make it easier for users to move onto their own account instead of using someone else's.

This includes "Transfer Profile to a New Account" to retain viewing history and personalized information, as well as a new cheaper ad-supported tier.

There may also be a financial incentive for users to boot freeloaders from their account. Netflix has tested an "Add an Extra Member" fee in a number of countries, which could make the cost of membership prohibitive for accounts with very high numbers of users.