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Kensington's new SlimBlade Pro Trackball is ergonomic & ambidextrous

Kensington SlimBlade Pro Trackball

Kensington's new SlimBlade Pro Trackball provides users with an ergonomic way to navigate their Mac or another computer.

The plug-and-play SlimBlade Pro offers connectivity through Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, or a wired option. It has a rechargeable battery that offers up to four months of usage, per charge — and it charges with USB-C.

The large, 55mm trackball lets users scroll up and down through webpages and documents with a twist for precision movement. Dual optical sensors track the ball to provide accurate and responsive cursor tracking and scrolling.

Kensington designed the product for nearly anyone with its ambidextrous design that requires little hand and wrist movement, making it comfortable during extended use.

Right-handed and left-handed people can use the SlimBlade Pro Trackball
Right-handed and left-handed people can use the SlimBlade Pro Trackball

Users can customize the device with the free KensingtonWorks software. It can assign various program functions to each of the Trackball's four individual and combo buttons.

The software package for the trackball is available for macOS 10.4 Mojave and later, and the company provides a separate download for legacy Mac versions.

It's not clear if the package is Apple Silicon native or not. We have reached out to the company to find out, and will update accordingly.

The SlimBlade Pro also features 128-bit AES encryption to provide security that deters hackers from monitoring the wireless connection and capturing sensitive information.

SlimBlade Pro Trackball - Pricing & Availability

The SlimBlade Pro Trackball is available to order for $119.99 on Amazon and through Kensington's website for the same price.